Jemmac Software

Principles, ethos and ethics

The development area at Trent House, Cranfield. As a company, we take great pride in what we do.
  • We take ownership of the task in hand.
  • We endeavour to ‘get it right’ each and every time.
  • We are professional, responsive and dedicated to delivering.
  • We share a passion for adding value.
  • We aim to consistently exceed our customers expectations.
  • We are focused on delivering value for money to our customers.

Communication and teamwork

The meeting room at Trent House, Cranfield. We understand that developing long term partnerships with our customers is essential for our mutual success. We thrive on creative, constructive teamwork - working together with our customers to create the best possible solution.
  • We advocate open, frank, honest and regular liaison.
  • Issues and opportunities are discussed as soon as they arise.
  • We strictly adhere to a principle of 'No surprises'.
  • We are mindful of the need to 'land the plane on time and on budget'.
  • We are open-minded, inquiring and enjoy improving ideas through a process of presentation, challenge, justification and review.

Quality, service and product

The reception area at Trent House, Cranfield. Jemmac are committed to supplying professionally managed IT solutions.
  • We strive to fully understand the customer's requirements and identify value added opportunities.
  • We are quick to appreciate the essence of our customer's businesses and thus the key drivers behind their requirements.
  • We are experienced, innovative and good at what we do.
  • We operate an environment that fosters out-of-the-box thinking.
  • We are rigorous in ensuring the high quality of our deliverables, time after time.
  • We thrive on seeing happy, satisfied customers.
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Southside United FC Jemmac staff contribute to the wider local community in a number of ways.

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