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What's in a name?

As with most new startups, the hardest task is coming up with a unique and memorable name. After weeks of deliberation, the three finally settled on "Jemmac Software".

People often ask the origin of the name, and it is actually quite simple - it is formed from the initials of the three co-founders and their wives.


Over the last 21 years Jemmac has grown to a team size of ten. This perfectly suits Jemmac's strategy of being big enough to take on large scale projects, whilst remaning small enough to be agile, focussed and flexible.

The Director's skills have been supplemented by a group of highly skilled, free thinking talented individuals, all of who add to the 'mix' that is Jemmac.

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Diverse Client base

Although our origins are in writing real-time software for process control, we have found that the lessons learned transfer well to other market sectors. Chemicals Plants are demanding, volatile, safety critical environments, so applying the same methodology to other sectors will produce software that greatly exceeds the security, reliability and performance requirements of the target environment.

These days, our client base covers applications as diverse as:

  • Web based project management tools
  • Remote telematic systems
  • Automotive Point Of Sale pricing systems
  • Online Customer Relationship Management Surveys for the NHS
  • Real-time Data Collection and Visualization Tools for continuous production environments
  • System for analysing biological and biomedical information
  • Enterprise wide remote global monitoring tools
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Southside United FC Jemmac staff contribute to the wider local community in a number of ways.

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