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About Jemmac
About Jemmac
About Jemmac
There are lots of companies that can create bespoke software applications, but there are very few that can do it well.

With a combined IT experience in excess of 110 years, we are unique in being a small, agile and dynamic company that can deliver large scale solutions.

  • We understand about the total cost of ownership and the need to deliver a solution that is not only fit for purpose, but which can be maintained and adapted over time. An adaptive solution can meet tomorrow’s (as yet unknown) business opportunities with minimal effort. An agile business is more likely to be successful.
  • We understand that whatever we deliver, must add value without pain. It must not disrupt or detract from the customers activities. It must be simple and easy to understand and use.
  • We understand how important it is to be available when the customer needs help or advice. We generate a lot of goodwill by being able to respond with changes and/or updates in a short period of time.
  • We are good at what we do, and we are very experienced with the tools and techniques we use to deliver to our customers. It’s these deliverables that, in turn, enable our customers to be very good at what they do. We know how important it is to have the right tools and techniques at hand.
  • We take care to lay down foundations that make the service or product extensible - future proofing. This is not an exact science, but we recognise how important it is for long term success. We strive to get the foundations right because we aim to be involved in the follow on activities (long term partnerships). If the foundations are good and extensible, more of the customer’s money goes on adding value and less on revising infrastructure.
  • We harness cutting edge technology in a way that it empowers our customers without IT becoming a burden for them. We do the ‘complex clever stuff’ under the hood ... our clients are (largely) blissfully unaware of the technology or ‘smarts’ that they are using, but get the full business benefit of cutting edge solutions.
  • We continuously review, question and challenge our solutions to ensure we don't get boxed in by new requirements. This process of continuous self-critical review helps to avoid 'big-bang' events that inevitably cost the customer both time and money.
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